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About the project

Branding project of an architecture office.

As the team of the brand that defining itself by its name, Conceitco, we are here for your "unique" designs. You may not be able to visualize what kind of design you envision; all we ever ask you to tell us who you are, to share your 'own' words describing you. We don't need to know what others think about you or who are you to them. Never a one can drive a conceitish delineator to line according to anything, we believe. We would like to hear about the real you because we are not solving puzzles, we design; for you.


For the sake of brevity, Conceitco, while defensing minimalism against common perspicacity kindly asks you to see the ‘less’ within inner; for you.

Client: ConceitCo

Year: 2022

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